Meet The Designers


Crista And Isabela (the words behind the acronym “CAI”) were instant best friends since middle school. Both the girls were innovators and fashion forward since before they can remember, so it’s no wonder they were drawn towards one another from the start. With the same interests and fashion idols, the two have always been on the same page with their taste, yet offer each other a balance that we’ve come to appreciate by means of their brilliant swimwear line.

The two are known for always booking a flight together, which explains how their swimwear venture came about at the infamous “Summer Splash” in Las Vegas, NV. “We wanted to stand out and be unique …because we feel fashion should always be evolving we wanted to be wearing the next big thing …so we designed our own custom suits,” explains the duo. Naturally, the girls suits were a hit, and the feedback they received made it feel like they had no choice but to channel all of their trendy energy into their own craft. The demand kept coming, and the brand had a following before it even launched. The girls have always appreciated a cute bikini, but their desire to STAND OUT in something fierce is what brings you the glamour and exclusivity of CAI swimwear.

Crista Dettelis

Founder and Designer

Crista “Cris” Dettelis, Founder and Designer, is a woman who embodies self-expression and confidence. From her bold outfits to her feisty attitude, she’s known to love shaking things up and giving people something to talk about. She sees nothing wrong with accentuating your assets, and she is inspired by women whose style knows how to combine cutting edge sex appeal with ladylike class. From the coast of Italy to the sandy beaches of Miami, her eye for versatility and uniqueness is unmatched. Cris is always prepared to make a daring statement, and she promises to deliver a suit that will be turning heads at any location.

Isabela Del Valle

Head Creative Designer

Isabela “Izzy” Del Valle, Creative Designer, is characterized by an outspoken sense of humor to match an audacious and cultured sense of style. To this day, she’s that friend who you call when you need someone to dress you up (or just crack you up). Inspired by boho vibes and extravagant prints, Izzy’s vision is custom to every CAI doll, and she’s all about what’s most personally flattering to each body type and preference. With a mind for fashion and an eye for elegance, she guarantees making every consumer satisfied and ready to hit the scene with confidence.

Written by Loni McWilliams