Do your suits run true to size?


If we want a suit in a different color can we custom order and how much?

We do accept custom color orders, starts at $25.00  and up (varies on what you want).

Are your mesh suits see through?

Our mesh suits are double meshed and not see through.

Do you ship internationally?


How long does shipping take?

If it is in the US and we have the suit in your size in stock it takes a few days to process and 3-5 days to ship. If we are out of stock could take up to two weeks. For international: if we have the suit in stock it takes a few days to process and takes 7-10 days to get they’re unless rushed.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on orders in US for over $200.00. International varies depending on where it is being sent. ( please check shipping calculations on site).

Do you do returns?

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS EXCHANGE ONLY WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECIEVING PACKAGE. We do not pay for the suit to be shipped back to us, you are responsible for that and once we receive your exchange back we will ship you out whatever you would like to exchange it for.