All About Us

After a year of  brainstorming, traveling to major fashion capitals of the world, and designing, CAI launches a long awaited line of sultry suits that are just as appealing to all as they are to the most serious fashionista. As a collaboration of two diverse founders with separate yet compatible visions, the brand has the mission to stay versatile, chic, and undeniably unique. Italian fabrics and custom prints gives this Miami, Florida-based line, a little more “spice” than your average, and the audience couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. With a keen appetite for Miami flavor and the designers focus on diversity, they aim to provide a suit for every body type, sense of style, and most importantly, every occasion.

With many devoted CAI dolls, the swim line made their debut on Instagram, with a page that proved to be the perfect platform through which they could advertise the new swank and sexy feel that they had to offer the swimwear world. As the demand raised and clientele flourished, the founders decided it was time to tackle the swim market on a new level, and launch a user-friendly website, where the notorious CAI dolls could have all of their favorite and most personally flattering pieces at their fingertips. The brand has one promise that they take particular pride in; you will STAND OUT in CAI. With the successful creation of a very appreciative and distinct CAI doll clan, they have yet to let us down.

Written by Loni McWilliams